Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits


Because golden retrievers are easy to please, they respond positively to obedience training. They complement this trait by being playful, affectionate and even-tempered.


Golden Retriever At a glance
The Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden retrievers are very versatile. They’re known as bird dogs, family pets, service dogs for the disabled, and search and rescue dogs.


Weight Range:

Male: 29-32 kg
Female: 25-29 kg

Height at Withers:

Male: 58-62 cm
Female: 53-55 cm


Floppy ears (naturally)


Energy Level: Average
Life Expectancy: 10-13 years
Tendency to Drool: Low Tendency to Snore: Low
Tendency to Bark: Moderate
Tendency to Dig: Low Social/Attention Needs: High

Bred For:



Length: Medium
Characteristics: Straight
Colours: Golden of various shades
Overall Grooming Needs: Moderate

Club Recognition:

AKC Classification: Sporting
UKC Classification: Gun Dog
Prevalence: Common

Golden retriever males are 58-62cm tall and weigh about 29-32kg. Females are about 53-55cm tall and weigh about 25-29kg.

The golden retriever has a water-repellent coat that is wavy or flat and gold to cream in colour. One of the most attractive features of this breed is the feathering on the neck, legs, thighs, underside and tail.

The dog's head is strong and broad. The ears are not very large, but they sit high on the head and hang just below the jaw line. The chest is deep, and the body is well balanced. Golden retrievers live about 10 to 13 years.


The golden retriever is even-tempered, intelligent and affectionate. Golden retrievers are playful, yet gentle with children, and they tend to get along well with other pets and strangers.

These dogs are eager to please, which probably explains why they respond so well to obedience training and are such popular service dogs. They also like to work, whether it involves hunting birds or fetching their guardian's slippers.

Golden retrievers are not often barkers, and they lack guard instincts, so do not count on them to make good watchdogs. However, some golden retrievers will let you know when strangers are approaching.

Living With:

This breed likes to be active. Remember, golden retrievers are bird dogs at heart, so they love a good game of fetch or a swim. If exercise is provided daily, golden retrievers can adapt to any type of home, even if it is a city apartment.

Golden retrievers are considered average shedders. Brushing about once weekly will keep the coat in good condition.


In 1999, the golden retriever was the second most popular AKC breed. This ranking is no surprise, because the dog has many qualities that make for a perfect family pet. The golden retriever's roots are in the fields and waterways of Great Britain.

The golden retriever was bred to be a bird dog, particularly for hunting waterfowl, and the breed resulted from crossing a number of other breeds thought to include spaniels, setters, and the Newfoundland (but not the Newfoundland we know today), and perhaps even a bloodhound. The combination created a hardy, strong swimming dog that could withstand cold water, track wounded game and deal with crippled birds.

Today, golden retrievers are not only good bird dogs and family pets; they are also popular as service dogs for the blind and disabled, and as search and rescue dogs and contraband detection dogs. Few dogs can claim this breed's versatility.

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