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We’re keeping your pet’s health simple with Vet Essentials Multi-Benefit
- created with pet parents like you in mind.

Our updated packaging helps you easily identify the right food for your pet with new names, a modern and engaging look – and the same delicious nutrition pets can't resist.

Each Vet Essentials food covers the nutritional needs of your pet with an advanced formula, while proactively helping support their health. Our vet-exclusive nutrition helps you keep your pet's health simple every day.

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New names make it even easier for you to identify the right food for your pet at a glance.

Dog and cat Vet Essentials food bags

Our fresh, modern packaging uses bright colours that correspond to pets' different nutritional needs, making it easy to identify your pet's delicious food.

Checkmark and benefit icons

Updated benefit icons better highlight which of our Multi-Benefit+ products have our science-led technologies to support your pet's unique health needs.

Look out for these icons to see exactly how your pet’s food has changed

Blue icon of bag with checkmark

New look

Blue icon of pet food kibble

New kibble size

Blue icon of pet food boal with hearts

Better taste

Search for your pet’s food to see what’s changing

Select dog or cat, then enter your product’s name, EAN or SKU number. If you’re not sure where to find those numbers, check this guide.

For best results, follow this pet food transition guide

Gradually transition your pet’s old food to new food over a period of 7 days to avoid digestive upset.

Day 1-2

DAYS 1-2

days 3-4

DAYS 3-4

days 5-6

DAYS 5-6

day 7


Ongoing support for your pet’s health

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A History of Science-Led Nutrition

For more than half a century, science has been at the core of our nutritional philosophies and innovations.

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Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love

Since 2002, the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love Program has provided shelters with the life-changing nutrition they need to help the most vulnerable pets find forever homes.

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