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Image of Morris Frank walking with his dog Buddy

Photo provided courtesy of The Seeing Eye®

The year was 1939 when a young blind man named Morris Frank was traveling the country with his dog, Buddy. Buddy was suffering from end-stage kidney disease, and Mr. Frank asked Dr. Mark Morris Sr. for help.

Dr. Morris believed he could find a nutritional solution to Buddy’s issues, so he developed a new pet food with his wife, Louise Morris, in their kitchen.


Follow the timeline to see how Hill’s has evolved since to create differences you can see, feel and trust.

40s (anchor only visible for authoring)

can of k/d ration wet dog food


Hill’s Pet Nutrition officially goes into business

Dr. Morris contracted with Burton Hill of the Hill Packing Company in Topeka, Kansas, to can the food with a new name, Canine k/d, and licensed Hill to produce his pet food formulas.

Prescription Diet k/d becomes the world’s 1st veterinarian-prepared food for the management of a canine disease.

50s (anchor only visible for authoring)


Dr. Morris’ work pioneering dietetic pet nutrition leads to a new breakthrough in urinary pet foods.

Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d canned cat and dog food

60s (anchor only visible for authoring)


Hill’s Science Plan is created

Focusing on a preventative approach to pet health, Mark Morris Jr. launches Hill’s first wellness food brand for pets.

70s (anchor only visible for authoring)


Colgate-Palmolive Co. purchases Hill's Pet Nutrition

colgate-palmolive co. and hill’s pet nutrition logos

80s (anchor only visible for authoring)


A Legacy Continues

Dr. Mark Morris Jr. carries on his father’s work in pet nutrition and co-authors the Small Animal Clinical Nutrition Textbook. The book continues to be used in veterinary colleges to this day as definitive text for companion animal care.

Dr. Morris Jr. is still considered the father of small animal wellness nutrition.

90s (anchor only visible for authoring)


A focus on urgent care

To help veterinarians when every moment counts, Hill’s creates the world’s first thixotropic food for assisted feeding of pets.

HIll’s Prescription Diet a/d canned cat and dog food


Hill's publishes scientific discoveries on unique nutrition for large breed pups

image of golden retriever puppy

2000s (anchor only visible for authoring)


Hill’s begins fortifying pet food with antioxidant combinations to support immune function in pets


Hill’s starts an ongoing mission to help shelter pets

The Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love programme is first launched across North America, which to date has helped over 12 million pets find a forever home.


Hill's creates Sensory Centre dedicated to the understanding of pet food taste


Hill's develops its first pet nutrigenomics research lab

Becoming a leader in innovations that use nutrients to change how genes are expressed in pets over time.


Pet nutrigenomics gives way to one of the leading pet foods for mobility

hill's prescription diet j/d dry and wet dog food packaging


Hill's donates cat genome research

Hill’s takes a big step forward in providing the best nutrition possible for cats.

image of cat licking lips

2010s (anchor only visible for authoring)


Hill's breaks new ground in management of overactive thyroids in cats

hill's prescription diet y/d wet and dry cat food packaging


Offering support when pets need it most

The Hill's Disaster Relief Network is established in North America as a way to provide nutritional support for pets after disasters hit their communities. Hill’s partners with shelters, veterinary clinics, governmental organizations and other non-profits caring for pets in the aftermath of disasters.


New dietetic solutions for weight management

Hill’s creates new innovations to help pets struggling with weight issues.

hill's prescription diet metabolic wet and dry dog and cat food packaging


New options for older pets

Using work pioneered through the pet genome, Hill’s develops several new nutritional options for ageing pets.

hill's science diet youthful vitality wet and dry dog and cat food packaging

Hill's Science Plan Youthful Vitality

(now Hill’s Science Plan Senior Vitality)


Hill’s advances research into the pet microbiome

New breakthroughs are made regarding the network of microorganisms that affect a pet's digestion, immune health, organ function and more.



Hill's hosts first ever #MissionForeverFriend event across Europe and Russia to help give shelter pets the second chance they deserve.

Logo Mission Forever Friend

2020s (anchor only visible for authoring)




Hill’s helps make itching ancient history

New advancements in allergy care allow Hill’s to create nutrition for both food and environmental sensitivities.

hill's prescription diet derm complete wet and dry dog food packaging

Prescription Diet Derm Complete

Today (anchor only visible for authoring)


Photo of boy petting dog in the grass

A step ahead for future generations

Being in the pet food industry since 1907, we understand the value of planning for long-term sustainability.

Photo of woman petting cat indoors

Committed to Innovation

We take a forward-thinking approach to keep you and your pet a step ahead.

photo of scientist ensuring quality in a sterile environment

Giving the Best Again and Again

We are currently working on making Hill’s packaging 100% recyclable. Check to see if your pet’s food packaging qualifies here.

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