Pet Nutrition And Behaviour

Many people think that the behaviour of their dog is an element that is affected solely by breed, environment and training (or lack of). This, however, is not entirely true. Yes, certain breeds of dogs have common specific behaviour characteristics such as boisterousness or a guarding instinct. It is also true that how you raise and train your puppy has a huge affect on their adult behaviour and personality.

Environment is also a big factor in how your dog will turn out as an adult. However, there is also one other powerful factor that affects your dog’s behaviour and that is dog nutrition. Your dog nutrition plan is very important to bringing out the best in your dog.

The key to understanding how dog nutrition affects a dog's behaviour is to look at energy. Dogs expend energy whether they are simply thinking, being walked, trained or playing. Energy is always being used so it is important that your pet food provides the right amount. Dogs that have a diet rich in incomplete proteins tend to be overly boisterous because of the overabundance of energy this food provides - which most dogs never get to use in a positive way and the excess can result in negative behaviour such as hyperactivity or destructiveness in the home.

Other foods don’t supply enough energy. If walk your dog for hours every day without suitable dog nutrition, your dog can feel the negative effects. This can result in under-development and growth in puppies and young dogs, lethargy, dangerous weight loss and numerous other health problems.

This is why it is important to ensure that your pet receives a diet specifically designed to provide just the right optimal balance in dog nutrition that your pet needs for his or her true personality to shine through, and not be affected negatively by what they eat.