Curious about how to properly care for you dog? Explore here. 

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Caring for Your Dog

Sometimes owning a dog gets overwhelming. You want to be a pet parent who has the answers to everything, but questions are bound to come up. You might wonder if it’s ok to take him on a plane, how often he should be bathed or if your house is safe enough for him. Luckily, we have answers for you right here.

Traveling with Dogs

You’re probably familiar with traveling with a dog in a car many dogs enjoy outings with their owners but what about flying? If you have a very small dog, there’s a chance the airline will allow him in the cabin as long as the crate is approved. Most large dogs, however, will need to travel in a crate in the cargo hold. There are many things to consider when flying, so always be sure to check with the specific airline you're flying with, as each one has its own criteria. 


Keeping your dog happy and healthy means maintaining his coat and skin – the right food can help and depending on his coat some dogs will also require a grooming regime. You can take him regularly to a professional dog groomer or you may choose to groom him on your own. Use a shampoo designed for dogs and while brushing a dog’s coat is an important part of grooming, brushing a dog’s teeth is equally as important.