Mixing pet foods

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Using wet dog food to supplement or 'top dress' dry kibble is popular practice. In fact, research shows that many dogs that eat a therapeutic dry dog food are also eating a wet dog food from a supermarket. It is very important that the therapeutic dog food is fed exclusively in order for it to work effectively.

It is therefore recommended NOT to mix Hill's with other food. Mixing with wet dog foods other than Hill's may:

  • dilute the precise balance of Hill's nutrition
  • cause undesired weight gain.
  • expose your dog to higher levels of certain mineralsBrown dog eating food out of a blue bowl in the backyard.

Hill's offers a wide range of products with no excess salt, clinically proven antioxidants and over 50 vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This is the ultimate in precisely balanced nutrition, formulated to enhance your dog's health and longevity.

If you wish to offer your dog a more varied diet, talk to your vet about complementing your dog's dry food with Hill's Science Plan or Hill's Prescription Diet wet products. Available in cans of various sizes and are the only wet food solutions to effectively complement Hill's dry food.



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