A He or She?

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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a cat food that fits your pet’s needs

You’ve decided on your breed of dog; now you must decide whether to have a male or a female (bitch). Most bitches have a tendency to be quieter and less dominant than males, but remember that they will come into season and be ‘on heat’ about twice a year and for those two or three weeks, will need to be separated from all male dogs.

Some male dogs have a greater tendency to be more aggressive or dominant towards people and other dogs, although bitches can also develop this behaviour. Male dogs will run off in pursuit of a bitch on heat and although such behaviour can be dealt with by training, castration may be required in some cases.

If you get your puppy from an animal shelter or charity, you may be asked to sign an agreement to say that you’ll have your pet neutered, to prevent unwanted litters in the future.