Sharing a Bed with Your Cat: Steps for Success

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The personality of your cat is probably the most important part of whether a human-feline sleeping arrangement will work. Some cats are pretty chilled out and will sleep in any place they can. Other cats may demand to sleep in the big soft bed in your bedroom and if you behave nicely, you may be granted access.

If you have a generous cat, you will probably find sharing the bed a cosy experience, giving you a nice feeling of companionship. If your cat is more of the pushy type, stealing the duvet and pushing you out, you may have to work a bit harder to get your way.

The first step in dealing with a dominant cat is to remove them from the bed and put in a dedicated space where they can sleep. If that doesn’t help, try placing your cat’s bed outside the bedroom and close the door. You will probably hear sounds of an unhappy cat outside, but be prepared to ignore it. If you give in, they’ll learn very quickly that scratching and crying works to get what they want.

Those with cats who don’t dominate the bed, might have the kind of cat that double up as an alarm clock. Cats are naturally crepuscular, meaning they like to get up at dawn, usually a few hours before humans.Cats are often in the mood for playing (read “hunting”) at this point, so any toes, fingers or other limbs sticking out of the duvet may quickly become the “prey” of choice. If your cat is an active hunter when you’re trying to sleep, make sure there are some toys lying around, preferably toys without bells!

Make sure your cat also realises that they have to live to your morning schedule. When your cat wakes up, try not to pander to their wishes – only feed when you get up and only play when you are ready to get up. Realising that you’ll give them what they want once you’re up means you’re more likely to be left to sleep.

Take some time to play just before bedtime so your cat is tired and ready to sleep. Some good exercise will help them want to sleep for longer, giving you more time to sleep too.