Choosing Safe Toys & Games for Your Kitten

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Just like any child in the family, a kitten needs safe toys of their own to play with.

Kitten imageWhen purchasing toys for your kitten, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Choose sturdy toys without small parts that can be swallowed. Discard any broken toys.
  • Provide a variety of toys and put them away between play sessions.
  • Play games that direct your kitten's playful energy away from you. Chasing ping-pong balls is great fun.
  • Dangle toys from a string tied to a stick like a fishing pole, but keep the pole low to discourage risky leaps.
  • Despite the traditional image of kittens playing with balls of yarn or string, these are dangerous if swallowed.
  • Don't let your kitten play with small household items such as thread, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, plastic bags, twist ties, coins and small board game pieces as these are also dangerous if swallowed.

In addition to providing toys, make sure to give your kitten plenty of opportunity to play with other kittens, especially those close in age, to promote positive social behaviour.

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