Knowing About Cat Nutrition

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Knowing About Cat Nutrition

Many experienced cat owners will know that cats need specific and specialised nutrition in order to live full and healthy lives. Cat nutrition differs completely from dog nutrition, their needs and tastes are different from each other and they need to be catered for separately.

The very first thing that all cat owners need to understand is that cats are carnivorous. They are not omnivorous or herbivorous by nature and that is something you cannot hope to change. Being truly carnivorous also means that they have certain dietary needs that need to be met.

Healthy feline feeding

Cat nutrition needs to consist of lots of protein and without sufficient protein in their diet, avoidable health problems can arise. Cats cannot properly digest carbohydrates from plants, which is what makes up the bulk of some cheap and low quality cat foods. Hills have years of experience and expertise in cat nutrition. We know what nutrients your cat needs and we produce tasty and wholesome food which can help your cat maintain optimal health.

As your cat gets older you need to make sure that your cat nutrition plan adapts with it. Proper cat nutrition for aging felines is just as important as nutrition is for aging human and we have it covered at Hills with our senior varieties.

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