Tips for being a purrfect new cat parent

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Whether you just adopted your new cat from a local shelter or breeder there's nothing better than bringing them home. Here are a few tips to give your new friend a safe and happy welcome.

Tips for being a purrfect new cat parentnew cat parent

Give Your Home a Safety Check and secure household cleaners, chemicals & plants. Close off any areas where kitty shouldn’t be.

Start Your To-Do List by scheduling a vet wellness check early and decide which family members will handle feeding, litter & playtime.

Prep the other pets by letting them smell each other’s items before they’re introduced.

Buy Necessary Supplies like an ID tag, collar, litter box, water/food bowls, grooming supplies, a scratching post and toys.

Stock up on a good quality food.

Start Litter Training ASAP to help avoid unwanted accidents.

Exercise Body and Mind with toys and regular playtime to keep claws away from your furniture.


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