The Meaning Behind Your Cat's Dry Nose

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Concerned owners frequently ask if a dry nose means a sick cat, and the short answer is no. There are many reasons for your cat to have a dry warm nose that have nothing to do with their health.

For example, a dry nose can simply result from your cat basking in the sun, being in a room with poor air circulation or lying in front of a radiator or fire. In fact, your cat's nose may change from wet and dry several times over the course of a day.

Things to look out for

There are some things your cat's nose can tell you about their health though. If your cat's nose is cracked and there are scabs or open sores on it, your cat may have a skin problem and you should visit the vet to have it checked out. If you know your cat is sick, the nose might be dry due to dehydration.

When examining your cat's nose, another thing to look out for is nasal discharge. If your cat's nose does run, the mucus should be clear. If producing bubbly, thick, yellow, green or even black mucus you should certainly have your cat checked by a veterinarian.