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The right step
after neutering

Hill’s™ VetEssentials™ NeuteredCat™

Woman holding a bowl of cat food in front of a striped cat standing on the steps

The right food
for your neutered cat

Neutered cats are at an increased risk of excess weight gain, which can contribute to other health problems, such as urinary tract issues. Help keep her fit with Hill’s revolutionary weight management formula in VetEssentials™ NeuteredCat™ foods.

White bag of Science Plan VetEssentials NeuteredCat cat food

Specialised nutrition
for your neutered cat's most essential health needs

Hill's range of mouth watering, high quality cat food is specially formulated advanced nutrition. It will help keep your neutered cat at her best, throughout adulthood, both immediately after surgery and for many years to come.

  • Weight

  • Urinary System

  • Digestion

  • Skin & Coat

  • Vital organs

Breakthrough weight management technology

A unique blend of ingredients and a low fat content proven to achieve and maintain optimal weight in neutered cats

Urinary System

Controlled levels of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium to support healthy urinary system

For all lifestages:

Highly digestible proteins and a balance of fibres to support a healthy digestive tract

Skin & Coat

With Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and luxurious coat

For mature adult and neutered cats:

Controlled levels of sodium and phosphorus to support vital organ function

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Healthy Ageing

For Mature Adult neutered cats:

Helps support healthy ageing with clinically proven levels of antioxidants


Available in 2 delicious flavors
for Young Adult and Mature Adult Cats

Keep your neutered adult cat in peak condition with specialised food for neutered cats! Whether she prefers chicken or mouth-watering tuna, there's the perfect NeuteredCat™ Young Adult formula just for her - plus Mature Adult.

White bags of Science Plan VetEssentials NeuteredCat cat food and cat treats

VetEssentials™ NeuteredCat™


  • Optimal bodyweight

  • Healthy vital organs

  • Healthy skin and coat

  • Healthy digestive tract

  • Healthy urinary tract

White bag of Science Plan VetEssentials Mature Adult cat food

VetEssentials™ NeuteredCat™


  • Optimal bodyweight

  • Healthy urinary tract

  • Healthy vital organs

  • Healthy ageing

  • Healthy digestive tract

Things to consider
when neutering your cat

If your’re thinking of neutering your cat, chances are you’re putting a lot of thought into this important step. It’s important to do your homework, and weigh your options. Here are a few things to consider:

Switching to Hill's

Current Food Hill's
  • Day 1-2
  • Day 3-4
  • Day 5-6
  • Day 7
  • New food should always be introduced gradually
  • Sudden changes may upset your cat’s stomach or cause her to be ill
  • Gradually introduce Hill’s™ VetEssentials™ cat food into your cat’s current food over a 7-day period, adding increased proportions of the new food until only Hill’s is being fed
3 variations of white bags of Science Plan Vet Essentials dog and cat food

Where to buy
Hill’s™ VetEssentials™

VetEssentials™ is only available from your

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