Fight the signs of ageing

with NEW Hill's Science Plan Youthful Vitality.

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Keep your cat in the game with NEW Hill’s Science Plan Youthful Vitality.  

Fight the signs of ageing

Cutting-edge food science created specifically for adult cats 7 years and older.

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This precise nutrition is formulated with ingredients to help support:

Brain Function

Powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain to support desire for family interaction

Energy and Vitality

Protein and L-carnitine support improved ability to run and play

Healthy Kidneys & Urinary Tract

Controlled minerals to help maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract

Healthy Digestive System

High quality, easy-to-digest ingredients with great taste for your finicky feline

Luxurious Fur

Enriched with fatty acids to promote good grooming habits for less matting and increased softness


Just like with people, age can slowly creep up on cats. You may not  realise  your feline

  friend is starting to display some age-related changes such as an increase in catnaps and a decrease in toy-chasing.

 Keep an eye out for these signs, and be sure to consult with your vet if you’ve seen them experience: 




Difficulty managing daily things like finding the door



Socialises less than before with owner and other pets


Sleep routine changes

Change in sleep patterns, more awake at night



Starts having accidents, despite being toilet-trained



Plays less, sleeps more


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