Hill's™ Ideal Balance™ Feline Adult No Grain with Tuna & Potato

Perfectly balanced nutrition made with natural ingredients, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids – and NO GRAINS.


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Product Details

  • Key Benefits

    Clinically proven nutrition that can transform your pet’s life.

    Perfectly balanced nutrition made with natural ingredients, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids – and NO GRAINS.


    How It Helps:

    Ideal Balance™ No Grain Feline Adult is specially formulated to meet the needs of adult cats and is made with NO GRAINS. We guarantee the perfect balance of nutrition for your cat's health - nothing more, nothing less.


     Key Benefits

    • No Grain
    • 70% animal protein* (Chicken & potato).
    • Hypo-allergenic (Tuna & potato).
    • Chicken or Tuna is the number one ingredient. It provides lean protein to help your cat keep fit & slim.
    • Potatoes are ingredients with no gluten and help in gentle digestion.
    • Carrots & Peas provide vitamins and minerals which support natural defences.
    • Flaxseed provides Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that promote healthy skin & shiny coat.
    • Tomatoes are rich in Antioxidants that support a strong immune system.
    • 100% Balanced Nutrition. Guaranteed. Or your money back.
    • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.



    100% Satisfaction Guarantee We're confident your pet will enjoy Hill's™ Ideal Balance™ foods. We're so confident that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.*

     Elimination of grains makes food suitable for adult cats with grain sensitivities. Including a balanced level of nutrients to help maintain adult cats’ overall health.

  • Daily Feeding Guide

    How to adjust feeding amounts to maintain optimal weight.

    Feeding Guide

    Body Weight(kg) Dry grams
    2 30 – 40
    3 40 – 55
    4 50 – 70
    5 60 – 80
    6 65 – 90
    7 + 12 per kg

  • Ingredients

    High quality protein and thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

    with Tuna & Potato: Tuna meal (17%), pea protein, potato starch, dried potato (15 %), animal fat, yellow peas (4.9 %), dried peas (4.9 %), vegetable oil, fish oil, dried beet pulp, minerals, flaxseed (1%),dried carrots (0.5%), dried tomato pomace (0.2%), spinach powder, dried grape pomace, dried citrus pulp, vitamins, trace elements and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

  • Average Nutrient & Caloric Content

    4071 kcal/kg (407 kcal/100g)

    Nutrient Dry Matter1
    Protein 31.5
    Fat 21.8
    Crude fibre 2.0
    Carbohydrate (NFE) 38.6
    Calcium 0.89
    Sodium 0.41
    Potassium 0.76
    Magnesium 0.079
    Taurine 0.22
    Vitamin C 150 ppm
    Vitamin E 944 IU/kg
    DHA 0.279
    Omega-3-fatty acids 1.31
    Omega-6-fatty acids 3.88


    1The nutrient in the product after moisture is removed. It is used to make direct comparisons of nutrient profiles with differing moisture contents.

Ideal Balance

A perfect balance of natural ingredients* to enhance the lives of your pet and your family.

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