Supplies You'll Want to Bring Home with Your New Kitten

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Don't be fooled - as small as kittens are, the number of items you can accumulate in the attempt to keep them safe and happy can fill a small mansion. If you find it overwhelming, don’t fret, check out this checklist of vital cat items to have on hand before kitten comes home and you should be ready to go. Ten-story cat tree is optional.

Toys for kittens with feathers, crunchy fillings and catnip are very popular. Try a few different types to see which kind your cat prefers. Don’t forget to get a scratching post or two, scratching is a normal cat behaviour, and training your cat to use a post early in life can spare your furniture down the road.

Treats are highly useful in a variety of situations: distracting kitty at the vet, getting them ready for a nail trim or even training them for basic tricks (yes, you can train a cat to sit!) You can buy treats, use kitten kibble, or even make your own.

The number one key to treating a cat is to keep the pieces small. It’s easy to overfeed kittens when they are so tiny, so choose your cat treat portions accordingly.

Growing cats need a food that is appropriate for their developmental stage. The first six months are particularly important for bone, muscle and nervous system development, so you want to make sure to choose a kitten food that is right for them.

Cat foods are labelled according to life stage: growth, adult maintenance and seniors. Kittens should be eating a food that is labelled as a kitten food. Your veterinarian is an excellent source of information as to what food will be the best for your cat!

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