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I hereby voluntarily give my consent with processing of my personal data in the following extent: (i) name, (ii) surname, (iii) e-mail address, and (iv) videos, photos or images (“Personal Data”) for the period of three years to Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. ("Advertiser") as a controller of my Personal data and to its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, in particular by collecting of the data, data storing, selecting and saving by usage of manual and automatic means. The purpose of collecting of my Personal Data is a disclosure of my name, surname and testimonial statement by the Advertiser on its website. The Advertiser will not disclose my e-mail.

The consent with processing of my Personal Data may be revoked by me at any time upon a written notification delivered to the Advertiser.

I have the right to request information on processing of my Personal Data and the Advertiser shall provide me with such information without undue delay.

The Advertiser is entitled to request for provision of the above described information a proportionate fee not exceeding the costs necessary for provision of such information.

If I learn or consider that the Advertiser process the Personal Data contrary to the protection of my private and personal life or contrary to the applicable legislation of my country, in particular if the Personal Data are inaccurate with respect to the purpose of its processing, I have the right to: (i) ask clarification from the Advertiser; and (ii) ask the Advertiser to remedy such breach.

If the Advertiser does not comply with my requests, I have the right to contact the local data protection authority with my complaint.


I hereby freely give and grant the Advertiser, and its subsidiary and affiliated companies, and their respective assignees, licensees, successors in interest, agents, and legal representatives (herein collectively the "Licensed Parties"), the right to use, publish and copyright my name, name of my pet, testimonial statements, and/or any photos, videotapes and other electronic and/or digital likenesses or images of me and/or my pet(s) (such photos, videotapes or electronic and/or digital likenesses or images are hereafter collectively referred to as "Images") which have been submitted by me online this date via Advertiser's web site, for unlimited worldwide usage in all media and types of advertising and promotion of Advertiser's Hill's brand pet foods.

I agree that the Licensed Parties will have the right to attribute such submitted testimonial statements (or statements in different words which have substantially the same meaning) to me, which I hereby certify is an expression of my personal experience and belief.

I further certify that: (a) any submitted Images are solely of me and/or my pets, and do not include the likeness or image of any other person or of pets not owned by me; (b) such Images are owned by me; and (c) that I am 18 years of age or older and have full authority to grant the rights to Licensed Parties as referenced above. I agree and understand that Images submitted by me shall become the property of the Licensed Parties and will not be returned to me.

I agree that no advertisement or other materials need be submitted to me for any further approval prior to Licensed Parties' use.

I hereby release and discharge Licensed Parties from any and all claims, debts, demands, actions or causes of actions, suits, sums of money, damages, and liabilities of whatsoever kind or nature, which have arisen or may arise as a result of Licensed Parties' exercise of the rights I've granted to them as set forth herein. I further agree that I shall save the Licensed Parties harmless and shall indemnify the Licensed Parties from and against all costs, expenses and liabilities incurred by Licensed Parties in connection with the defense of any claim or claims on account thereof, including reasonable attorney's fees.

Nothing herein will constitute any obligation on the Licensed Parties to make any use of any of the rights set forth herein.

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