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10 tips to relieve cat stress

  • 1
    Give your cat something to scratch, which releases pheromones and makes her feel happy
  • 2
    Make sure each litter box is clean and is big enough – at least 1.5x your cat’s body length
  • 3
    Create a play area with toys and other items to keep her active
  • 4
    Indoor cats can get bored, so give yours a view of the world outside
  • 5
    Praise good behaviour – don’t punish your cat for accident
  • 6
    Create high places and private spaces
  • 7
    Place litter trays far from food bowls and in quiet places
  • 8
    Keep her in shape – overweight cats can’t move or jump
  • 9
    Create a refuge where your cat can feel safe
  • 10
    If you have more than one cat, make sure you have enough food, water, litter boxes, and safe place for everyone!
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    Try these 10 tips to help relieve her stress
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