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Unique formula


Burn fat and builds muscle

Widely used in human nutrition as a supplement, L-Carnitine promotes the use of fat as a source of energy. It works as a facilitator on the transport of fat deposits into cells, where they are then used to produce energy. By this, it saves the muscle deposits of the body, hence preserving lean mass.

The clinically proven level of L-Carnitine for an effective weight loss and lean body mass maintenance in cats is 500mg/kg1,2. And this is how much you will find in your new Hill´s™ Science Plan™ Sterilised Cat pet food!

Reduces risk of bladder stones

Struvite is the main urinary stone that occurs in young cats. It's composed by phosphorus, magnesium and ammonia and usually occurs in alkaline urine. The molecules are formed as a result of electrostatic attraction forces of these high affinity different ions. Several molecules bind, resulting in a struvite crystal (microscopic) and several crystal then bend together to form a stone (macroscopic). That is why is important to reduce the amount of these minerals arriving to the urine by decreasing its intake.

Changing the urinary pH helps to prevent these stones, as a lower pH weakens the affinity between ions which results in a lesser tendency for these ions to bind forming a struvite crystal and stone.

As kidney function may decrease with age, it is even more important to watch out the levels of minerals intake by mature old cats. That is one of the reasons why Hill's has developed different formulas for young adult and mature adult cats.

Discover the right Science Plan cat food for your sterilised/neutered cat:

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