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Food and nutrient intolerance

What are food and nutrient intolerances?


The food and nutrient intolerance is abnormal response to an ingested food. These abnormal responses may affect your dog’s skin health. Itching, scratching or licking may be the result.

The only way to identify a food and nutrient intolerance in your dog is to use an elimination food. An elimination food contains ingredients which are far less likely to cause an intolerant reaction and hence helps you find out if the intolerance is caused by elements in your dog’s regular food. Your vet will recommend your dog to eat a food without ingredients or nutrients that the dog may be intolerant to. It's important you follow your vet's instructions precisely as feeding other foods may lead to poor results.

How to reduce a nutrient intolerance in dogs


Food intolerances may be triggered by proteins in food.

There are two main ways to reduce nutrient intolerances using an elimination food trial.

One option is to break down the proteins to smaller pieces to the level that the body will not detect, by a process called hydrolisation. Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d™ uses this technique of hydrolisation. The other way is to use food with protein sources that your dog has probably not eaten before. Hill’s Prescription Diet d/d™, for example, uses less common protein sources such as salmon, duck, lamb and venison.

How can Hill’s™ help?

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