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an easy way to help
your sensitive cat

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Is your cat's
skin healthy?

Damaged or irritated skin can be very common but nonetheless distressing.

Is your cat itching, scratching, licking or rubbing more than normal?

Check the area where you think the problem is and if you see any of the following, take your cat to a vet for a proper examination:

  • Red patches,
    spot or pimples
  • Scabs, crusts or
    thickened skin
  • Flaky or scaly
  • Change of
  • Hair loss
  • Bad skin odour

What are the causes
of unhealthy skin?

  • Food intolerances

    Can occur as a result of a reaction to certain kinds of proteins in your cat’s food.

  • Other allergies

    Your cat may be allergic to "inhaled" allergens such as dust, pollen, mould, etc. Some flea treatments can cause “contact” allergies.

  • Parasites

    Fleas, lice and mites can all cause skin irritation. Bites from parasites are irritating, causing cats to bite and scratch themselves, damaging their skin.

  • Hormonal imbalances

    Too much or too little of certain hormones can make cats prone to skin problems. These imbalances may point to other serious underlying problems that need to be identified and treated.

Ways to support skin health

  • Medication can help address skin infections or severe itching
  • Supplements can help your cat get some of the fatty acids or other nutrients she needs to help her heal
  • Nutrition can help to quickly calm sensitive skin. It can also get to the root of the problem by helping identify the cause (such as a food intolerance). Food with plenty of essential fatty acids also supports healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Your vet may recommend a combination of all three

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