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Cat care tips & fun games!

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A healthy urinary tract
is a vital part of overall health

Kidneys also maintain the normal balance of fluid and minerals within the body

Healthy kidney

Healthy kidneys play a vital role in keeping the entire body healthy by filtering waste from the blood

Properly balanced mineral levels help keep kidneys in long-term great shape

Healthy bladder

Cats with a healthy bladder are less likely to have accidents outside their litter tray

Overall health helps keep cats' urinary pH in the ideal range, which helps avoid bladder stones

Surprisingly, staying relaxed can actually help cats maintain better bladder health too

Cleaning out litter trays daily helps keep your cat's surroundings comfortable and inviting

Watch her waistline

Carrying extra weight can influence overall health in a big way, and sterilised cats are particularly prone. Here's how to help your cat avoid excess baggage:

  • Keep her active by providing interactive toys, and plenty of opportunities to climb and jump
  • Exercise portion control by measuring out daily food allowance
  • Keep a weight journal and visit your vet regularly for weigh-ins to make sure the numbers aren't creeping up

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