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quality time
with your dog

New look
Best taste

Pack the toys and accessories and hit the road! Here's how to make some unforgettable memories with your dog...

your small breed dog

Small breeds are different from other dogs. From their stature to their big personalities, small breeds see the world in a different light...Learn to share their world view with our handy guide.

Owner's guide

Choosing the right toys
for your dog

Playtime with toys is an important opportunity for your dog to get a little exercise, mental stimulation and bonding time with you.

Any toy you give to your dog must be of the appropriate shape, size and condition:

Toys that are too small are a choking hazard and could be swallowed by your dog

String, ribbons or elastic bands may be interesting to your dog but don’t make good toys

Avoid any sort of toy with bits that can be chewed off (like plastic eyes on a stuffed animal)

A good rule with any toy is that once it begins to fray or fall apart, it’s time to get it replaced

Want to get the most out of your dog toys? Don’t put them all out at once. Take out a small selection of your dog’s toys and switch them every few weeks so that the toys stay novel and interesting to your dog.

Style and accessories
for your dog

Dog clothes and other accessories for dogs are becoming more and more popular, and all small breed dogs can wear dog clothes as a way to express their personality and keep trendy.


If you decide to dress your dog, choose functional clothing, such as items to keep your dog warm. Of course, you should take care to avoid any clothing that may be hazardous to his health.


From tiaras to collars, necklaces and anklets…small breed jewellery may look adorable, but make sure your dog does not chew or swallow any pieces that could cause injury.

Pet carriers

Carriers come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and most have vented windows for visibility and airflow. Choose one big enough for your pet to fit comfortably, but small enough that he will not be tossed around while you walk.

Taking your dog
along on a car ride

Whether it’s a quick trip or a cross-country drive, your small breed dog may be the perfect passenger. Take extra care and you two could find some of your best times together, side-by-side on the road.

Help your dog get used to car trips by taking several short rides around town before attempting a longer trip. For long drives, your best accessory is a well-ventilated crate anchored with bungee cords or a seat belt.

Beware of the risk a hot car poses to your small or miniature breed dog. A car can turn into an oven in a flash during spring or summer.

  • Never leave your pet alone in your car during warm or hot weather – even for a minute. Interior heat builds up quickly and poses serious danger
  • Heavy panting or relentless licking could be warning signs that you need to pull over in a shady spot and provide some water

Remember to have fun, and if you’re going to be gone for a long time, don’t forget to bring along your dog’s food and bowl!

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