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Quality ingredients equals great tasting food

At Hill’s we know you only want what’s best for your pet. That’s why we put only the highest quality ingredients in all our pet foods to create a great tasting meal!

What makes our products taste great?

  • Hill’s is made with the finest, high quality natural ingredients;
  • The sense of smell is highly developed in dogs and cats, and pre-eminent in identifying and choosing food. When it comes to texture dogs prefer chewier kibbles and cats prefer smoother texture with crunchier kibbles;
  • Different kibble shapes and sizes designed for different pet preferences;
  • Hill’s utilises state-of-the-art technology with the minimum use of handling, blending and processing. This results in safe, highly nutritious and palatable pet foods.

What does your pet look for in food?

There are major differences on how dogs and humans choose their food. Pets are much less concerned about the appearance, particularly the colour of food. They are more influenced by its smell and taste. Additionally, palatability is also influenced by both the quality and freshness of ingredients, which dogs and cats can readily detect.

Dogs and cats have different preferences when it comes to texture. Generally speaking, dogs prefer chewier kibbles while cats prefer smoother texture and crunchier kibbles. That’s why Hill’s offers different formats meeting the specific needs of pets.   

When you choose Hill’s Science Plan you are assured that your pet is getting high quality nutrition with great taste. At Hill’s we are so confident that your pet will love our food that we offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!

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