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Pets Can Win the Bulge Battle

Hill’s Pet Nutrition launches Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, to help

Have you ever felt the frustration of being unable to lose those excess pounds, despite careful dieting? It can be really tough to lose weight and with almost half of all UK dogs and cats estimated to be overweight or obese, the battle to beat the bulge is being felt by our pets too. This growing problem makes the latest development in pet weight management from Hill’s Pet Nutrition – new Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution – all the more exciting. It is different from traditional dietetic weight loss foods because instead of relying solely on calorie restriction Metabolic works with each pet’s unique energy expenditure to support healthy weight loss and weight maintenance – a double pronged attack on the flab! In 'real life' trials, a stunning 88% of pets lost weight, even when their normal feeding patterns were not altered.

When pets are dieting, there are plenty of reasons for their owners to have lapses in 'being good' –perceived begging by the pet, multi-pet households and outdoor access to name a few. . Since Metabolic is appropriate for weight loss and weight maintenance, all the pets in the house can be fed the same food, making it easy to manage multi-pet households. Metabolic also helps pets feel full and satisfied between meals which decreases the likelihood of begging behaviors that can sabotage the best weight management programs.

Another common problem is that successfully losing weight through calorie restriction cruelly makes weight gain much easier for that individual, leading to the dreaded ‘yo-yo effect’. Most pet dietetic weight loss foods are not designed for long term feeding, so owners have to switch to a weight maintenance food. This switch to 'regular food' often results in weight re-gain even after initial success with weight loss programmes.

This is where new Metabolic is different. Extensive research by Hill's has led to the development of a food that contains a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that increase the ability of a pet to burn fat. Because Metabolic adapts to each individual pet’s unique energy expenditure, it is suitable for long term feeding of any healthy adult dog or cat and so is perfect for maintaining a pet’s new, trim shape, even in multi-pet households. Pets feel fuller for longer and can achieve weight loss and on-going weight management success, even when their food is not precisely weighed out.

Taking the hassle out of weight management and increasing the chances of weight loss for cats and dogs, Metabolic is revolutionary in its approach to pet obesity. Available from vet clinics, there are a variety of dry and wet formulations available that dogs and cats will love. For more information, visit www.hillspet.co.uk/metabolic or www.hillspet.ie/metabolic

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