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Obesity In Dogs

Obesity is a pandemic among the human population in this world, but it is steadily becoming a pet pandemic as well. Many people have a super soft spot in their hearts, their homes and their lives for their four legged companions. Lots of people see their pets as an extension of their family. While this not in itself a bad thing, it can turn into a disaster for your pet. The key to keeping that relationship healthy and long lived is discipline and a little tough love when it comes to dog diets.

Dogs make fantastic pets. They are fun, they adore us not matter what and they make superb companions. However, giving in and feeding or treating your dog every time they turn those soulful puppy-dog eyes on you, won't do your canine companion any favours. Obesity is a huge problem when it comes to overall dog health as it can exasperate existing medical conditions, shorten the life of your dog and cause various health issues which can mean your dog suffers pain and discomfort.

You need to stick to a proper balanced diet for your dog and fatty treats should not be on the menu.

Along with the right amount of exercise, dog diet is vital in order to keep your beloved pet at a healthy weight. Hills Science Plan is recommended by vets as a high quality complete dog food, designed to give your pooch everything they need nutritionally.

For those who use treats to help when training their dog, cutting them out and replacing these treats with a small portion of your dog's daily allowance of Hills is a great way to keep their weight at the right level.

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