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Digestive disorders
We took what works and made it work harder

Clinically proven Prescription Diet™ i/d™ now comes with two additional ingredients to work harder on managing your dog’s digestive upset.

The first is prebiotic fibre, as it is shown to support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and sustain a healthy balance in the digestive ecosystem.  

The second new ingredient is psyllium, which acts like a sponge, absorbing excess water from the tract and stimulating regular bowel movements. 

These two benefits are just part of the restorative power of Prescription Diet™ i/d™, a highly digestible and clinically proven nutrition to help reduce absorptive disorders.

For optimal palatability, i/d™ comes with a rich aroma and an irresistible, winning taste – 75% of dogs preferred i/d™ Canine dry while only 25% preferred the key competitor in a taste preference test. Available for dogs in delicious dry and can varieties.

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