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Mans Best Friend Deserves The Best Food

For most people, our dogs are not simply pets, they part of the family. We want the best for our dogs, so that they can lead long, healthy and happy lives. When it comes to food, we want to get the best dog nutrition available.

There are so many different brands available today, can be confusing to work out which is best so one of the most important thing for any dog owner to do is to themselves about dog nutrition.

The problem for many people comes in when they try to find out what ingredients most commercial dog food contains. Many brands do not list the exact ingredients they put into their dog food.

This should wave a red flag for any dog owner. If the manufacturer is not prepared to openly state every single ingredient, it could mean they are trying to hide something. Do comparative shopping, physically check competing brand labels. Especially look at what the labels say about fillers. Many dog foods contain a shockingly low meat content and use fillers to make up the difference. Fillers are what manufacturers use to bulk out the weight of the food.

Instead of opting for a food with lots of fillers and artificial additives and preservatives, it is best to find a range of high quality food, such as Hills Science Plan, which is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your dog, from puppyhood right through to their mature years.

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