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Let’s help your pet jump for joy!

Help your pet jump for joy with k/d™+Mobility! Introducing nutrition that’s clinically proven to improve mobility in your dog in just 21 days1 and in your cat in just 28 days1! It’s low in phosphorus to take stress off kidneys and enriched with omega-3 fatty acids to support kidney health and to promote joint health in your pet.

Is your pet a bit older? Feeding k/d™+Mobility can help support his vitality and alertness. Plus, as many owners of pets with kidney conditions can attest, getting a kidney-stricken pet to eat can be a tall order. Thankfully, k/d™+Mobility Feline comes with E.A.T.™ Technology to support appetite & eating enjoyment and increased caloric intake.

It’s clinically proven nutrition that supports your pet’s mobility & quality of life, every day!

1 Data on file, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

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