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Let’s take the stress out of canine digestive problems!

Anti-stress ingredients, such as milk protein, help to calm the dog’s reactions – this way, the brain sends fewer “upsetting” signals to the digestive system. This results in fewer stress-related tummy troubles for dogs.

Ginger and highly digestible nutrients help to soothe the digestive system while the right blend of fibre helps keep things moving along just at the right pace.

Prebiotic fibre also promotes beneficial microflora in the gut, leading to a healthier and more effective digestive system.

For dogs dealing with stress, it’s important to address the main issue (stress and its physical affect on the body) in addition to dealing with the actual results (the digestive troubles) in order to help dogs feel better faster. Dogs who feel good on the inside are far better able to cope with the stress and bustle of the outside world. This creates a lovely holistic cycle of better health overall.

Since smaller breed dogs are particularly prone to stress-related issues, Prescription Diet™ i/d™ Stress is formulated specially for dogs under 14kg! Ask your vet if you think this could be the right food for your dog!

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