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June news

last updated 15/06/2016
Brunette woman in purple shirt giving a dog treat to a brown pit bull in a brown collar.
last updated 01/06/2016
Learn how to treat your dog without compromising its health. Get tips on how to spoil your pup without too much snacking on dog treats.
last updated 26/06/2015
Did you know that excess weight in cats can increase urinary tract issues? Now there’s no need to choose which to support first! Ask your vet about NEW Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic+Urinary today! Learn more…
last updated 26/06/2015
Addressing these conditions together is a great way to help get dogs active again - getting the weight off helps ease joints, and easing joints helps dogs be more active and burn more calories. Ask your vet about NEW Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic+Mobility! Learn more…
last updated 19/06/2015
Have a new kitten addition to the family? We’re giving away 25 Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Kitten Starter kits each week this July. Find out how to enter our Kitten Addition competition
last updated 05/06/2015
Summer is creeping up fast on us, but humans shouldn’t be the only one’s trying to get healthy for the season. Our Hill’s vets Tim Dobbins and Su O’Neil share their 10 tips on healthy pet weight management. Everything from feeding the right pet food to fitness routines.
last updated 04/06/2015
Official sponsors of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Come and join us on various fun days out for their Go Walkies for Guide Dogs events in Ireland.
last updated 04/06/2015
Calling all dog lovers! We’re giving away 30 pairs of FREE tickets to the DOGFEST show, on Sunday 14th June in Arley Hall, Cheshire, or Sunday 21st June in Loseley Park, Surrey. Find out how to enter our DOGFEST competition
last updated 30/06/2014
Did you know that giving treats to your dog is an important part of bonding? But beware – giving the wrong treats at the wrong time can contribute to excess weight gain, or even accidentally reward bad behaviour! Find out more about how to appropriately share treats with your dog – when, where and what to give.
last updated 30/06/2014
When your cat needs to shed some weight, you want to be able to reward her success. Be sure you’re giving healthy treats that support the weight loss goals you are both working hard to achieve. You can even incorporate the right treats into a new workout routine to keep her playing longer!
last updated 09/06/2014
Every dog loves treats, especially your dog!
last updated 24/06/2013
Now your pet can lose weight and stay fit with zero deprivation. Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is a revolutionary new food that changes the way pets can lose and maintain ideal weight (if stay on Metabolic).
last updated 07-06-2013
Have you ever felt the frustration of being unable to lose those excess pounds, despite careful dieting? It can be really tough to lose weight and with almost half of all UK dogs and cats estimated to be overweight or obese, the battle to beat the bulge is being felt by our pets too. This growing problem makes the latest development in pet weight management from Hill's Pet Nutrition - new Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - all the more exciting.
last updated 03/06/2013
Is your cat approaching senior age? When cats grow older, their metabolism and activity evolve and so do their nutritional needs. Find out how your senior cat’s needs are changing.
last updated 15/07/2013
When cats reach 11 years, they are usually classified as senior cats. This time is often characterised by a range of changes, both physical and behavioural. It’s important to be aware of this so you can make the most of the years ahead.
last updated 2011
When you arrive home with a new playful kitten, you have to think about how to keep him in good cat health for the remainder of his life.
last updated 22/06/2009 12:15:00
We love our cats and we want the best for them in everything, especially when it comes to cat nutrition. In order to make sure we give them the best, it really helps to know just what they need for a healthy diet. Humans are omnivores, we get our nutrition from protein as well as plant based foods. Cats are carnivores; they have totally different nutritional needs to their owners.
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