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January news

last updated 18/01/2017
When your dog has a digestive disorder you want the most reliable form of relief. Fortunately, selecting the right pet food is often the answer. Now Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d™ comes with innovative new ingredients to work even harder on managing everyday digestive issues.
last updated 27/01/2015
The 10 Week Challenge and NEW Science Plan™ Perfect Weight are here to help. Take the Challenge, and you’ll get a chance to have free pet food delivered right to your door along with tips on how to help your pet shed excess weight. Sign up today! Terms & conditions apply.
A dog sitting on weighing scales
last updated 08/01/2015
New Year resolutions are back, the health kick phase is in and we are all trying to work off what we gained over the festive season. Should it be any different for your pets? At Hill’s we definitely don’t think it should. So read our top 5 tips to help you manage your pet’s weight this year.
last updated 2011
A proper pet diet is completely different from a human diet, although many pet owners do not full appreciate that. The facts are that what is good to eat for humans is not always okay to feed their beloved pets.
last updated 05/02/2013
“Working dogs” are canine heroes and the ones we see in daily life are police dogs and guide dogs. But another group we see less often are the very highly trained Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs.
last updated 05/02/2013
Do you share your sleeping space with your feline friend? A recent online poll showed that over 90% of cat owners allow their cats to sleep in their bedroom, while over 50% allow them in their bed.
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