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Is Your Dog Obese?

A large percentage of the human population have a lifelong battle to keep the pounds off. We are all aware of nutrition and what impact it has on our bodies, yet we as humans often make the wrong choices.

This can become a huge problem when provide an unsuitable diet to our dogs, dogs normally will just keep on eating as long as we feed them. Few dogs will say no thank you to left over pizza, so it is truly up to you to control your dog nutrition needs. The nutritional health of your dog is your responsibility, so ensure you are clued up on the do's and don'ts of dog nutrition.

Fit and healthy dogs

Your dog cannot sneak off to the nearest fast food outlet, nor can it take itself for long, healthy walks whenever it has over-indulged, it is up to you to see to your dog's needs. You are doing your beloved pet no favours whatsoever by feeding them junk food or overfeeding them on dog food.

This means they do not only become overweight, but this can also cause them other health related problems. So if your dog is starting to waddle instead of walk, it is time to take stock of the situation. Pull up your socks and get your dog top grade dog food that meets all standard dog nutrition needs, like Hills Science Plan.

Then become disciplined and feed them according to the specific needs the dog has. Keep to a structured diet for your dog and maintain an exercise program. Exercising your dog will be healthy for you as well and it is a bonding time spent with your pet.

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