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Introducing the new look of Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™!

Look out for our easy-to-read new package design, starting in May 2015!
Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ packaging will be unveiling a stunning new look that incorporates some great new features…

Our new package design was created to be especially easy to read to save you time, keeping the same product names that you’re used to.

Here’s a quick tour of our new packaging:

Premium packaging that seals to keep food fresh.
We’ve added new health condition descriptors so you’ll know right away which is the right food for your pet’s needs.
Easily find either the canine or feline formula you’re looking for.
Colour-coded flavour descriptions visible at a glance!
Benefits are clearly visible right on the front of the bag, so you can be sure this is the right product for your pet.
To make your choice simple, and to allow for quick and easy orientation, our product names haven’t changed.
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