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Give your dog love this holiday season!

The holidays are a perfect opportunity to give more love to your beloved Canine companion - here are our tips for making the holidays merrier for your dog!

  • Share love, not calories! It’ simple but true – spending fun time with your dog is by far the best gift you can give – both to your pet and to yourself! Pick something fun and interactive like a new toy or frisbee, giving you both hours of bonding time and entertainment, with a little exercise along the way! Too many treats often just piles on empty calories and can often induce a bout of tummy troubles, so pick your treating moments carefully, opting for low calorie treats given in small amounts. “People foods” can also be toxic for pets, so are best avoided.
  • Hide the goodies! Following on the above point, many treats for humans (such as chocolate, some nuts, foods made with onions or raisins, bones which can splinter, etc) can be toxic or otherwise dangerous for pets, so its important to keep these well out of reach of that curious wet noses, especially during the holidays, when goodies seem to be everywhere. Remember: if the nose or paws can reach it, so can the rest of the dog, so things need to be carefully stowed away! Be especially vigilant if there are children or visitors around who may not understand the risks of giving human food or leftovers to dogs. This “out of reach” rule also applies to other tempting desirables such as candles and wrapped packages.
  • Make holiday meals special! This time of year is ripe with special meals like turkey, Christmas Pudding, cookies, pastries and more – delicious, but not exactly suitable for the family pet. Give your favourite hound his own tasty treat this year, by replacing his usual daily kibble with a special holiday delight of his own: mouth-watering canned food from Hill’s™! With an appealing aroma, truly terrific taste and the soft texture he associates with really novel nosh, you can be sure he’ll be feeling festive! Check out Science Plan™, VetEssentials and Ideal Balance for a wide range of canned dog food options for healthy pets, while Prescription Diet™ offers delicious canned options to support specific health needs.
  • Help your dog feel comfortable: If you think that the holiday season is hectic for you, just imagine how your dog feels! With with the colder weather, parties, fireworks, new sights and smells, general merrymaking and chaos going on at the holidays – coupled with new house rules (such as “stay away from the tree!”) – midwinter can be a stressful time. Make sure your dog has a safe hideaway to retreat to during noisy or hectic times. A dog crate, the space under the bed or a chair are common spots that dogs choose, so be sure that your dog has access to his own exclusive safe zones or create a special spot just for him, and protect his right to privacy and peace when he’s in retreat!
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