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Give the gift of love to your cat this holiday season!

The holidays are the perfect time to show your favourite feline friend some extra special love - here are our tips for making the holidays brighter for your cat!

  • Give love, not calories! Your cat will surely be asking for a bit of the Christmas turkey, but what she’s really saying is “include me!” – she just wants to be a part of the celebrations. Afterall, for a cat, any celebration is really all about them, isn’t it? Give her a special – non-food! – treat this year in the form of seasonal DIY toys (supervised, of course) like a cat teaser of her very own, or a mini stocking stuffed with her favourite catnip! Wrapping paper and bows can make great cat toys as well, but be sure to make sure she doesn’t swallow any ribbon, bits of tape or other small parts. Much more fun than food – and with the added advantage of burning calories instead of piling them up!
  • Hide the loot! Another reason for giving love instead of food this year is that many human foods can be either toxic for cats, or at least result in a tummy ache. Hide the chocolate and turkey bones, and avoid decorating with poisonous plants like amaryllis, lilies or poinsettias. Other seasonal joys to keep out of reach of your cat include those oh-so-irresistibly shiny tree ornaments and house decorations (breakable, of course), candles (open flames that just beckon for inspection by a curious feline) and temptingly shreddable wrapped gifts. This is not only for the protection of your things, but for your cat’s safety as well.
  • Make holiday meals special! Instead of dishing up an extra plate of holiday dinner for the cat (a sure-fire ticket to tummy troubles), give her some delectable delights that she can really enjoy – and which won’t give her indigestion afterwards! Canned and pouch foods from Hill’s make the perfect special occasion meal – you can even choose from a range of savoury flavours to match what the rest of the family is eating!
  • Keep her safe and secure: With all of the joy and chaos that the holiday season brings, it’s easy to forget that not everyone sees the festivities in the same way. Your cat may find the constant hubbub, noise, new smells and sounds, and general uproar to be a real annoyance. Furry felines often prefer quiet, predictable days. Kids home from school, visitors, music, parties, the doorbell or even extra holiday cleaning (hoovering especially) can all rattle even the coolest of cats. Help her stay relaxed by making changes (such as decorating) slowly instead of all in one afternoon, providing constant access to safe, quiet out-of-the-way spots for her to retreat to (and protecting her privacy when she’s in hiding), and by making sure family members and visitors don’t inadvertently let her out of the house and out into the cold if she’s not acclimated to the wintery weather.
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