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Does your cat have a urinary disorder?

Is your cat peeing outside of the litter box? Does she strain while urinating? If so, she may have Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) — a very common but serious and painful disorder, but one that can often be managed just by changing the food.

FLUTD is a general term for various infections, inflammatory diseases and other conditions affecting your cat’s urinary tract. FLUTD can have many causes, including bladder stones, which form when there are higher than normal concentrations of certain minerals.

Stress is thought to be a major factor in some cases as well. The proper amounts of stress-reducing L-tryptophan and milk protein hydrolysate added to a balanced nutrition can help calm your cat. And some simple environmental changes, such as providing a quiet, comfortable place for your cat to perch can help too.

FLUTD does include urinary tract infections, but not very often. If you notice blood in your cat’s urine, it’s more likely she has bladder stones or a common disorder called Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) which often includes an inflammation of the bladder wall.

If your cat is not peeing freely, a blockage in the urethra may be the cause. Contact your vet immediately as this condition is urgent and could be fatal if not treated immediately.

Learn more about the causes of FLUTD, and how specially formulated nutrition can help, on our website.

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