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Behind the scenes at White Cross Vets

Left, a nurse holding a puppy, top right, another nurse holding a puppy, bottom right a young boy holding a puppy

At White Cross Vets, we’ve been caring for pets for over 80 years. We were established in Leeds in 1937 and have grown our family run vets to include more than a dozen practices throughout the area. All of our vets and their teams are not only animal lovers, they’re all pet owners too, so it’s safe to say, we know pets!

It’s common knowledge that the UK is a nation of cat and dog lovers, but as vets, we also know all too well about the obesity crisis that so many of our four legged friends are facing, often due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise, which can lead to so many unnecessary health complications.

Our team are all extremely passionate about educating our pet owners on healthy pet foods, making sure their pets get enough exercise and so on.  During our free weight checks we explain the idea of Body Condition Scoring , so that owners know what is a normal shape for their pet, so they are able to notice if things start to change. Last year, in addition to our complete wellness plan for cats and dogs, we ran 4,000 free weight checks across our clinics. Over the course of 2015 we’re aiming for at least another 6,000. We’re proud to support our owners whose pets are overweight, to offer advice and help them every step of the way while they help their cats and dogs to get back in shape.

Dog, before and after pictures of its weight

Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic has been hugely successful for hundreds of our patients in conjunction with attending our free weight checks. In fact, we are close to putting our 1000th pet on a Hill’s™ Prescription Diet Metabolic pet food, which is quite a milestone in just a little over a year. We’ve been delighted to see some really impressive results where dogs and their owners stick to new, healthier nutrition and exercise plans as advised by our vets and nurses.

One of our many success stories is the very handsome Chester at our Roundhay practice.  He’s a rescue dog and when his owner, Ann, re-homed him, he was very overweight – he couldn’t even jump into the car for walks! At 45kg, he was definitely at risk of health complications, and simply wasn’t able to enjoy his new found happy life and home.

With plenty of dedication from Ann, and lots of support from the Roundhay team, Chester has already slimmed down to a much healthier 32kg, and is so much happier for it. Chester & Ann are proof that if a cat or a dog has a dedicated owner and the right professional healthcare advice from their vet, then it’s never too late for them to shed those excess pounds and lead a long, happy, healthy life.

He even became a bit of a local celebrity thanks to his transformation – appearing on local TV and radio! You could say he’s become a bit of a ‘poster boy’ to inspire overweight pets and their owners to get advice and start making changes of their own.

Keep an eye on our blog or follow us on twitter for more success stories from our wonderful pets and owners.

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