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Be Kind To Your Canine Senior Citizens

As we grow older our dietary needs change and it is exactly the same for our canine senior citizens too. A large percentage of people have long-lived pets today, so this is something we have to think about as our dog's move into their less active and more mature years.

In order to meet the changing needs of your dog as he or she ages, it is best to give them a balanced and complete diet which is designed with an older dog's nutritional requirements firmly in mind.

Comfortable senior years

As your dog becomes less active, they expend less energy and if they are still eating the same diet and amount as when they were younger, you could find your dog gains a lot of weight as they slow down a little. This can lead to other health issues, make existing problems worse and even significantly shorten your dog's life, so keeping your dog's weight in the healthy range is a must as they enter their senior years.

There are specially developed dog foods, like Hills Science Plan, which is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of older dogs. Giving your senior dog less energy and calories than the equivalent food for younger canines is a great help in promoting good health and a longer and happier life. Using a food which is formulated to meet your dog's needs is the best way to be kind to your canine senior citizen.

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