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April news

last updated 26/04/2016
Socializing a cat into a new family takes just as much patience as it does the love you have for her. Even an adult cat adopted from an animal shelter may be frightened, shy or unsure of her new housemates, no matter welcoming they are at heart. Here's how to give your new companion plenty of time and space to become acquainted with her new home and the people who live there.
last updated 21/04/2016
Puppy potty training is one of the first things you'll do to help you dog get acquainted with his new home, and there are many ways to go about it. Try these seven suggestions to set you and your canine up for success.
last updated 22/04/2015
We’re giving some of our pet parents the chance to win 25 pairs of FREE tickets to the London Pet Show, on Saturday 9th May and Sunday 10th May 2015. Enter now.
last updated 15/04/2015
Did you know that how you feed your dog, or cat is just as important as what you feed them? Find out why in our guide to pet feeding infographic and get pet-wise on feeding your furry friends to their ideal weight. Feeding your dog and cat infographic guide.
last updated 10/04/2015
At Hill’s™ Pet Nutrition, we work with many online retailers selling our pet food through them, offering great discounts and sharing nutrition best practice with their owners and their pets. So we decided to find out what happens behind the scenes of some of our e-tailers starting with PetShopBowl.
last updated 23/04/2014
Puppies and kittens are adorable but they can be a lot of hard work. Let us bring you into the day-to-day fun and challenge of going along with your pet on its Journey from newborn to a happy, well-balanced and socialised adult. Hill´s “Life´s Adventures”, a place full of great advice on feeding, socialising and training.
last updated 07-06-2013
Have you ever felt the frustration of being unable to lose those excess pounds, despite careful dieting? It can be really tough to lose weight and with almost half of all UK dogs and cats estimated to be overweight or obese, the battle to beat the bulge is being felt by our pets too. This growing problem makes the latest development in pet weight management from Hill's Pet Nutrition - new Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - all the more exciting.
last updated 30/04/2013
y/dTM turned out to be a real breakthrough innovation recognized by UK vets, when in independent survey in January, 2013 conducted by CM research with 343 vets in UK y/dTM was considered the best new product of 2012 far above the others. 31% of vets voted for y/dTM, which is more than three times more than second suggested product.
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