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A perfect way to reach healthy weight

Discovering your pet’s own perfect weight is key to a long and happy life. Pets kept at their ideal weight can run, jump, play and easily engage in fun family activities. This keeps them naturally more active and happily by your side.

Research has shown pets carrying extra weight are more prone to life-altering diseases such as diabetes mellitus, urinary tract disease, osteoarthritis, and more. Common sense also tells us that pets carrying extra weight have it harder than their leaner counterparts. Simple things like climbing stairs, getting up onto the sofa, running to greet you at the door just get more difficult the heftier your pet is.

Owners know that mealtimes rank at the top of any pet’s list of favourite times of day. Feeding a food that your pet loves is important, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice her health and waistline to keep her happy. This is why Hill’s created new Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Perfect Weight – a carefully prepared blend of natural ingredients designed to help your pet burn calories instead of storing them as excess fat. Perfect Weight is not just effective; it also has the delicious savoury chicken taste that your pet craves. No complicated measuring, no bland tasteless food and no impossibly small portions. Now healthy weight is as simple as just feeding your pet a food they’ll love!

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