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The 21 day trial programme

The Hill's™ Prescription Diet j/d™ 21-day programme is designed to help you see the difference in as little
as 21 days, by following just 3 simple steps.

3 simple steps

Step 1

Click on the scorecard and fill in the 'Before trying j/d™' section to assess his current mobility. Don't forget to submit your scorecard to complete the registration into the programme!

Step 2

Based on your vet's recommendation, start feeding your dog Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ j/d™ and monitor his progress throughout. Make sure you keep to the programme and only feed j/d™ during this time to ensure good results.

Step 3

After 21 days of feeding j/d™, you should see a significant difference in your dog's mobility. Complete the 'After trying j/d™' section of the scorecard to check.

Don't forget j/d™ is suitable for long term feeding to support the metabolism of joints in osteoarthritis.

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