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Your Frequently Asked Questions answered by our expert vet

We hope that this website has answered most of your questions about stiff joints in dogs in general and how Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ j/d™ can help your dog in particular. Here’s a selection of questions that many other concerned dog owners have asked our vets online, and the advice that they’ve been given.

Does my dog need Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine j/d Mini?

If your dog belongs to one of the mini breeds with an adult dog weight of less than 10kg and suffers from stiff joints, then your vet may recommend

How common are stiff joints in dogs?

Stiff joints affect around one in five adult dogs1. Although almost half of all cases are in larger breeds, all breeds of dogs

Does my dog need Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d Canine Reduced Calorie?

If your dog is overweight or prone to weight gain, and suffers from stiff joints caused or aggravated by being overweight, then your vet

Do I still need to feed my dog his regular food as well as j/d?

No, Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ j/d™ is a complete high quality food in its own right. And as well as delivering a specific therapeutic benefit to

How long will j/d stay fresh for?

Hill’s new Fresh Pack System features a re-sealable zip-close mechanism to preserve freshness and retain the great taste of j/d. Once the bag

How much j/d should I be feeding my dog every day?

You’ll find an easy-to-use chart on the side of all Hill’s Prescription Diet packaging that shows you the optimum portion size for the age, weight

How should I switch my dog from his current food to j/d?

Like any change in nutrition, j/d should be introduced gradually over a 5 to 7 day period, mixing increasing amounts of the new food with

How soon will I be able to tell if j/d is making a real difference?

95% of dogs show signs of improvement in as little as 21 days2. Depending on the state of your dog’s stiff joints, you may notice

Is j/d available as both canned and dry food?

Yes, j/d is available in 370g cans as well as 2kg, 5kg and 12kg bags of dry food so your dog can enjoy j/d in whatever form he

My dog has been prescribed medication by the vet. Is it safe to feed him j/d as well?

J/d is formulated to be completely safe to feed in conjunction with medication. However, you should always consult your vet before making

Where can I buy Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d?

You can only buy j/d from your vet. That’s because Hill’s believes it is important that only a veterinary professional who knows your

I see on your packs that you offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, how does it work?

We are so sure that you and your pets will love Hill’s products that we offer a full money-back guarantee. If for whatever reasons you or

Is it true that dogs are vegetarians?

No, dogs are omnivorous so they can eat meat and vegetables. However

I have a male Malinois with a weight of 48kg, which is a little bit too much... That’s why I wanted to feed him Hill’s light adult, but I’m not sure how much I should feed him per day.

If you think your dog is overweight the best thing to do before changing his food is to go to the vet for a weight check. If he is

How can I train my puppy?

We have all the information you need for your puppy on the site. Click here for

My dog is on Canine r/d to try to get his weight down is there any special treats that I can give him that won’t affect his weight loss too much?

It’s understandable that you want to treat your pet, and there are many

I forgot to ask my vet how long it will take to see an improvement in my dog once I start to feed it Canine j/d™?

95% of dogs show signs of improvement in as little as 21 days. Some dogs

How much should I feed my pet?

Just as eating amounts vary from person to person, eating amounts vary from pet to pet. Most Hill’s™ Science Plan™ pet foods have

How often should I worm my dog?

Ideally you should be worming your animals every 3 months. Check with your vet next time you are in as to the appropriate treatment. Because

Is Canine j/d™ available in cans as well as dry food as I think my dog is missing his canned food?

Yes. Canine j/d™ is available in 370g cans as well as 2kg, 5kg and 14kg bags of

Is it okay to feed my pet table scraps or "people" food?

We agree with veterinarians who strongly believe that feeding pets table scraps or "people" food can

Is it possible to feed Prescription Diet i/d dry and canned at the same time?

Yes it is possible to feed j/d dry and canned at the same time. One 370 g can of this food is the equivalent of

My dad told me that his vet has put the family dog onto Prescription Diet j/d™. I would like to try my dog on it too but he is a bit porky. Is there a lower calorie version?

Hill’s has developed Prescription Diet™ Canine j/d™ Reduced Calorie to help improve the quality of life for dogs with mobility problems that

My Black Labrador is 14 months old and continues to jump up at people when they come to the house. He also jumps up at me if I stop to talk to people when we’re out walking

We would always recommend that you talk to a dog trainer as they are the experts on this however you could try and simply

My vet told me that my dog was overweight and has put her on a reduced calorie diet. How can I get her to do some exercise (aside from the usual walk) because the vet said exercise will help?

There are numerous options to help put your dog back in shape:

I would like to try Hill’s Science Plan food. How should I do this as I don’t want to upset my dog’s tummy?

Introduce the new food gradually over a 7-day period by mixing your dog’s former food with increasing proportions of

What is the difference between Prescription Diet™ and Science Plan™ brand pet foods?

Hill’s Prescription Diet™ pet foods are formulated to help manage pets that are affected by specific medical conditions. Hill’s Science Plan™ pet foods are

When will my Burmese Mountain Dog be fully grown up?

When it reaches 12 months of age.

How should Hill’s products be stored, especially as it is getting warmer?

Store food in a cool, dry area. Temperatures should not be below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) or

Why is my Great Dane considered a Mature Adult Dog when he is only 5 years old?

Great Danes are considered to be a Giant breed dog as they weigh over 50kg and as they are more prone to skeletal and joint problems they



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