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Kidney care

Prescription Diet™ k/d™

Clinically proven nutrition to support a better quality of life

  • Supports kidney & heart function
  • Improved amino acid profile to build lean muscle daily
  • Rich new aroma and an irresistible new kibble size and shape

New & improved


Help your dog do a happy dance!

New Prescription Diet™

  • Clinically proven nutrition to:
  • Support a better quality of life
  • Supports the metabolism of joints in case of Osteoarthritis2
  • Support alertness and vitality in older dogs

A taste no dog can resist!

What makes k/d™ so appetising? In both wet and dry food, natural antioxidants ensure quality & taste. And now with a rich new aroma and an improved kibble size and shape, your dog can enjoy delicious kidney care nutrition that supports his condition and keeps him coming back for more.

How can the right food help?

What you feed your dog plays an important role in helping
maintain kidney health.

Hill’s kidney care foods

Speak to your Vet before feeding Hill's kidney care foods to your pet"

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Where to buy Hill’s kidney care foods

Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ dog foods are available at your vet clinic and online.
Locate a vet clinic near you or replenish online for fast,
convenient delivery to your door.

For quality, consistency and taste, or your money back

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"My dog was diagnosed with Kidney disease at 14yrs old but because we caught it early the vet felt that it could be controlled with specialist food and no medication. My other dog was already eating Hills Prescription Diet I/D food so I started feeding Tia Hills Prescription Diet K/D and she improved straight away. She has been on the food over 6 months now and is doing really well."

- D. Spooner with dog Tia


"Molly was diagnosed with Kidney disease a couple of months ago. She has always been a fussy eater and needed lots of encouragement to eat her food. I can honestly say she has never eaten with such enthusiasm as she does now she is on Prescription Diet K/D food. She is also a lot brighter and back to her old self. Would completely recommend this food to anyone whose dog has kidney problems."

- S. Harrison with dog Molly

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