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Use a Gentle Touch to Feed Pets with Digestive Disorders

A digestive upset, or a longer standing gut disorder can leave a pet’s digestive system feeling fragile and so extra care needs to be taken when it comes to choosing the right food. Vets can often recommend a specific Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ pet food appropriate to the condition – for instance some pets will need a food containing a highly digestible recipe that’s gentle on their stomach. Prescription Diet™ i/d™ pet food helps resolve diarrhoea and improve digestion and you can expect to see the difference in your pet in as little as 3 days .

Some dogs with gastrointestinal disorders are better fed a low fat food – such as Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d™ Canine Low Fat Gastrointestinal Health – if there are difficulties in digesting fats due to their medical condition. Fat that is undigested in the small intestine attracts water in the large intestine and upsets the balance of bacterial flora – resulting in profuse, bad smelling diarrhoea that may also appear pale and greasy.

Hill’s has also identified that ginger can play an important role in helping to calm inflammation in the digestive system and regulate gut movement. This discovery has led to ginger being included within i/d Low Fat Canine.

Prebiotic fibre provides a fuel that can be used by beneficial gut bacteria. These normal bacterial flora species play a key role in maintaining the health of the gut environment. Another beneficial addition is Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce discomfort and therefore make a significant contribution to the well-being of your pet. Using a very digestible food – that leaves low residues – reduces the load on the stressed digestive system.

Of course, when a pet is feeling unwell, their appetite may suffer. Prescription Diet™ foods, such as i/d and i/d Low Fat are tasty recipes that help tempt the tastebuds, as well as soothe the stomach.

1Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine, dry formula only

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