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Positive playtime with your dog

We can’t even begin to count the positive effects of play – it would take us days! Healthy playtime isn’t just fun for the both of you, it also contributes to many health benefits that will keep your dog fit for years to come.

Just to name a few:

  • Playtime helps develop and maintain healthy muscles in your dog.
  • It helps him spend excess energy, which means less running around the house.
  • The workout he gets through play manages his weight and helps him stay fit, not to mention the feel-good chemicals he’ll get from exercise.
  • Playing with your dog reinforces his training and strengthens obedience.

Bred for success

Always consider his breed: a pug and a pointer have completely different interests and stamina. The first will get winded after a couple of laps while the second can sprint all day, so plan your play sessions accordingly. Hunting breeds especially love activities that mimic the thrill of the hunt – search for a local group that organizes faux hunts for some fun in the field for the both of you.

Barks and recreation

Fun at the park is a staple of any strong dog-owner relationship. There’s more to park games than just Fetch and Red Robin, as Frisbee games, ball chasing and racing all reinforce obedience and provide plenty of high-energy entertainment for the both of you.

And I’m feeling good…

Proper play produces obedient, stress-free dogs. Aside from practicing coming when called, sitting or staying on request and generally following orders, playtime provides dogs with some much-needed exercise, and we all know how moving our body makes us feel. Physical activity produces endorphins – chemicals that make people and dogs feel good, so make some time to give both you and your dog some well-needed exercise . When you think about it, he’s getting double the fun – the pleasure of running and jumping around with his favourite person (that’s you!) and the endorphins, the side-effects of exercise, will send him over the moon!

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