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Is it time to shape up?

  • Not every bark needs a bite!
    Just because they’re giving you “puppy-dog eyes” doesn’t mean they’re hungry. Break the cycle of reaching for food every time he starts begging – a better habit is giving him some care & attention the next time he’s barking up your leg.
  • Moderation is our watchword!
    Pay special attention to each portion size and make sure to measure it out carefully to avoid overfeeding. Also, be sure to warn your family against feeding him food that might upset his tummy, such as grapes, raisins, onions or – eek! – chocolate. If anyone in the family is giving him treats on the sly, your dog may pack on the pounds before you know it!
  • Get up! Get on up!
    Rain or shine, outdoor activities are a must. A long walk or an active ball-and-stick session in the park is often just what your furry friend needs to burn calories and, of course, have some fun! Don’t skip on the great outdoors, there’s just no substitute for a healthy, fit pet.
  • Smooth…or chunky?
    An overweight dog is a dog at risk of diabetes, arthritis, skin conditions…not to mention a shorter life expectancy. If you believe your dog is extremely overweight or obese, be sure to make an appointment to see your vet and find a safe solution together.
  • Spot the difference
    We know an overweight pet might not be the easiest thing to spot…or admit. Breeds are a great place to start, since each one has a particular weight range. For a quick reference, compare your dog’s appearance to the Body Condition Score chart and see where he falls.
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