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Caring for your dog’s teeth – without the toothbrush!

Keep your dog’s tail wagging by making sure his pearly whites are in tip-top shape! Looking after your furry friend’s teeth is crucial for his health and overall wellbeing. Over time, plaque and tartar may build up on your dog’s teeth, irritating the gums and even inflaming them (gingivitis).

What goes for general healthcare goes for dental care as well - common sense is your best ally. Watch out for your dog’s teeth the same way you take care of your own, and keep your eyes peeled for any changes in your dog’s behaviour that might indicate discomfort.

Give a quick check every week by having a look around his mouth. Watch for problems or symptoms, such as excessively bad breath, drooling, discoloured teeth or swollen gums. Call your vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary and ask if he needs special canine oral care.

An easy way to get your dog his regular oral care each day is to feed him a specially formulated dog food, such as VetEssentials Canine Adult or Mature Adult.  The unique kibble shape has been developed according to a formula that gently cleans doggy teeth up to the gumline for a thorough clean– no more messy brushing sessions!

It all works like this: When your dog bites down on the specially developed large kibble, the kibble keeps its shape until it reaches the gum, gently scrubbing off plaque and tartar. The fibres in the kibble engulf the tooth as it goes in, scrubbing it right up to the gumline before splitting to carry away residual plaque build-up. This keeps dogs’ teeth white, their gums healthy and their mouth happy!

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