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Lifestage Nutrition for Cats

Cats have very specific nutritional requirements. Making sure your cat’s getting all the good stuff means supplying her with the right type and amount of nutrition, and here’s what she needs:

  • Taurine: The amino acid taurine is absolutely essential for cats. Unlike dogs, which make their own taurine, cats depend on red meat to get it in their diets. If she’s not getting enough, she might develop eye problems and other health conditions.
  • Vitamin A: another essential nutrient found only in red meat. Along with taurine, it’s responsible for a cat’s healthy eyesight.
  • Fatty acids: cats depend on fatty acids like arachnidonic acid and linoleic acid for healthy brain development. They’re found in meat, eggs and dairy.

We can see a pattern forming – cats need meat in their diets. Cats have evolved as solitary hunters, and their digestive systems have developed accordingly. Your cat doesn’t hunt birds just for fun – it’s in her genes. In fact, real meat is essential to a cat’s diet. Since there are many essential nutrients cats can’t synthesize themselves, they depend on nutrition to get them.

Having this in mind, feeding the right food in the right amounts at every lifestage will ensure a long, healthy life.

Starting at birth, kittens need enormous amounts of fat, protein, minerals and energy to ensure healthy growth into adulthood. The right nutrition contains appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals and energy to provide a steady source of fuel while she grows into an adult cat.

Adult cats need balance in their diet to get everything they need while maintain a healthy weight. The right food with enough meat is crucial to providing nutrients for a healthy immune system and body function.

Mature cats have difficulties processing fat, vitamins and minerals, so it’s important that you feed her an appropriate, highly digestible nutrition to keep her healthy in her golden years. Again, a diet rich in meat and beneficial antioxidants is essential if she’s to age gracefully and in great health.

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