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Dental care for your cat – no toothbrush required!

Your cat may be able to clean herself, but her teeth are a different story. Caring for your furry feline’s teeth is vital for her overall health, since cats can be especially prone to dental problems - more than two-thirds of cats have gum disease by the time they’re two years old.* Plaque and tartar deposits accumulate on your cat’s teeth and, if left untreated, may lead to more serious conditions down the road.

If your cat has a yellowish-brown deposit on her teeth, bad breath or difficulty eating, these may be symptoms of a dental condition or gum disease. Another tell-tale sign of gum disease is a red line along the gumline. Be sure to take your cat to the vet if you notice any of these symptoms.

Two simple things can help keep your cat’s teeth in great shape, without the fuss of daily brushing: regular check-ups at the vet (no less than twice a year) and a special food that works like a toothbrush, such as Hill’s™ VetEssentials Young Adult and Mature Adult cat foods. The unique kibble shape, created according to a special formula, scrubs cats’ teeth all the way to the gum for a full clean.  

Here’s how it works: The kibble envelops the tooth as kitty bites in, cleaning it all the way to the gumline before breaking apart to carry off any plaque build-up. This keeps her teeth white and plaque-free…and bright, clean teeth means a happy, purring cat.

Not only are VetEssentials cat foods great for your feline friend’s teeth, they also foster lean muscles and optimal body weight. Plus, they’re made with the highest-quality ingredients, for a delectable taste that any cat will love.

* The Effect of Toothbrushing on Periodontal Disease in Cats, Ingham et al., Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Leicestershire, UK

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